Perming and Texture

30 to 60 min.
PRICES MAY VARY due to length of hair or thickness of hair.
Blowout Styling
$30.00 and up
30 to 45
We first shampoo and condition your hair of course and then style it as you wish!
Flat iron
30 to 60 min.
Flat Iron work can be simple or quite involved. If we are dealing with shoulder length or shorter it would be considered a basic Blow out style. If your hair is longer than shoulder length the price is as shown. Of course it includes shampooing and conditioning.

Hair Care and Treatments

Treatments & Conditioners

Deep Hydrating or Reconstructive
Depends on treatment chosen
15min to 30min.
Allow us to recommend the best treatment to fulfill the needs of your hair and scalp. Prices are between $15.00 and $40.00 additional to your Blow Out styling charge.
Nioxin Scalp Renew
20 mi.
An anti-aging and scalp health treatment that utilizes a patent-pending Natural Dermabrasion technology to restore scalp and hair health. Ten years of research went into this product.! We have it! It works by addressing these issues: Sebum plugs, build-up of dead skin cells and hardened collagen. Immediate results are: Opened follicle sites and increased cellular turnover. Over time: Added density and strength with increased collagen production.

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